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Identity-Powered Security Just Got Better—and Your Data, Safer!
It has long been said that information is the lifeblood of the organization, and it must be protected. But when your data is flowing freely between myriad unmanaged mobile computing devices and networks—the hurdle for IT Security Pros to keep sensitive information safe just keeps getting higher and higher. Fortunately, NetIQ and Cisco are here to help get you over the bar!

We believe information is safest when your security monitoring efforts include as many ‘identity-based’ touch points that you can apply. The greater the detail of who, what, when where and how—the greater your ability to quickly detect and disrupt attacks before they have time to cause damage. And, as we see time and time again, more often than not, those attacks are already underway, you just need to discover them.

Recently, Cisco announced the new release of the Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE), an enterprise policy control platform that provides policy-based, context aware security for Cisco networks. As a Cisco security technology partner, NetIQ has been busy at work to integrate NetIQ Sentinel—our leading Security Information and Event Management platform–with Cisco ISE to deliver in-depth security event analysis supplemented with relevant identity and device context. Today, Cisco announced more about NetIQ as part of their ISE partner ecosystem from the show floor at Interop New York.

This integration provides network and security analysts the context you need to quickly assess the significance of security events by being able to answer questions like “who is this event associated with and what level of access do they have on the network?” and “what type of device is it coming from?” all within your NetIQ Sentinel management console.


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