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Filr: Feels like Dropbox. Acts like Fort Knox
Written by:  Hakan Kalyoncu   |   Category: Teams and Productivity
File syncing and hosted services have multiplied in recent years, but few allow you to leverage your own enterprise-class security and most require additional layers of management. Besides, why sync and host files somewhere else when they are already available in your users’ home folders and shared network folders? All you need to do is give users the easy, anytime,anywhereaccesstheywant.Novell® Filrprovidesfileaccess,sharingandcreation from any device. Users get what they wish; you remain in control of your files and security.

Novell Filr at a glance:

Novell Filr provides secure mobile, desktop and Web access to the files on your file servers.

  • Secure: Files, and your file access controls, follow users everywhere.
  • Smart: Novell Filr lets you use your existing infrastructure.
  • Popular: Novell Filr will make users happy. Be the hero and give your users the file access they want.

Users Want It

Files used to live safely behind your firewall, where IT could control things. Users, if they had to work outside the office, used a slow virtual private network connection to access their files. Then apps for mobile devices, combined with cloud-based file sharing services, intro- duced users to quick, anywhere file access. Users loved it.

Users began demanding the same access at work and even began going around IT and moving work files to cloud-based services on their own. Unfortunately, these user-friendly services come with serious downsides:

  • They have experienced security breaches.
  • Outages are out of your control and means no file access at all.
  • File access may be slow with less productivity as a result.
  • You have to duplicate files in order to push them to mobile devices.
  • It is easy to create conflicting versions of files.
  • Your existing backup and archiving processes do not apply.

Though serious, these reasons are less impor- tant than the one primary reason IT depart- ments have not embraced cloud-based file services: it is illegal for many organisations to do so.

Regulations in healthcare, government and other industries set strict compliance rules that mean IT cannot always accept these cloud solutions.That does not always stop users from using them, however, creating a potentially dan- gerous situation for organisations. The users are getting what they wish, but nobody else is.

The Solution Has Arrived

Rather than trying to manage third-party ser- vices or policing users, IT departments need to offer a competitive solution. Novell Filr is the first enterprise-ready file access solution that works with your existing files and file servers. Novell Filr provides the ease of modern file ac- cess with a return to the control IT once had.

Keep files and data where they are today—in your established and secure company file storage that already meets your regulatory requirements. At the same time, make these files accessible from anywhere and on any device.

Best of all, because Novell Filr uses your ex- isting infrastructure, it is the most cost effective way to provide mobile file access.

Novell Filr serves as the connection between your file servers and the endpoint devices your organisation uses. With clients for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and web access, users can get their job done at anytime and wherever they are.

Novell Filr retains the file system rights and quotas you establish in your directory sys- tem, which means users enjoy a familiar experience whether they are working in the office or on the go. By working in their home directories, users will be able to work faster, create files confidently and never have to worry about duplicating files or reconciling conflicting versions. Novell Filr can not only make your users happy, it can make them more productive.

How Novell Filr Benefits IT

Making users more productive can be good for your organisation, but if doing so means overworking your IT team or compromising IT goals, it is not a complete solution. Novell Filr excels by providing significant benefits to IT and your organisation as a whole.


Novell Filr uses the servers and directory ser- vices you already have deployed. This makes users more productive and means a low total cost of ownership for your organisation.

Your security mechanisms, such as file access and sign-on requirements, remain intact with Novell Filr. In addition, you do not need to ex- pand or change the backup and recovery sys- tems you have already invested in. Because the files have not moved, they are still protected.


Because Novell Filr works with your current infrastructure, setup is quick. Novell Filr comes as a VMware virtual appliance, thus provid- ing a rapid installation. Users do not need to move files, which allows them to get to work immediately. Because Novell Filr and the files it manages look the same on all devices, user adoption is fast as well.


Novell Filr allows your users to share files with those inside or outside your organisation. This can make work with contractors and other companies much more efficient. Novell Filr also provides you with ways to monitor this sharing so that your vital company assets re- main secure.

You may control what features users have avail- able and with what files and folders they may use them. For instance, you could limit most users to only share project documents inter- nally, while allowing members of Marketing to fully share product flyers and data sheets externally. You might allow members of the Finance group to share internally, but recipi- ents cannot re-share those documents.

For each folder Novell Filr is managing, you may define for each user or group if you allow internal sharing, external sharing and public sharing. If you allow public sharing users could post a link to a file on the web or Twitter which would take people directly to the file.


Determining how users may access, edit and share files on their mobile devices is one of the largest challenges of mobile device management. Novell Filr addresses this challenge, making mobile device manage- ment a much more obtainable goal for your organisation.


Novell Filr works in Novell Open Enterprise Server or Windows Server environments and integrates with NetIQ® eDirectoryTM and Micro- soft Active Directory.


Your IT staff can manage Novell Filr from a web portal that lets them monitor and control file use and sharing. They may do so from wher- ever they have internet access.


Novell Filr offers a consistent user experience with apps for iPhone and iPad, Mac, Windows, Android and a web access client. Users can get to their files anytime, anywhere. Bring your own device (BYOD) policies may be a headache for IT, but with the many clients available for Novell Filr, file access for user devices becomes easy. Users download the correct app for their device and they instantly have access to all their files.

With Novell Filr, files stay where they belong: on your corporate file servers.





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